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Oh Joy!

Now Now, my dear friends! Me has smth special for you! 8DDD

But first of all, I want to say huuuuuuuuuuge "thank you!!!<3" for two wonderful girls! [You know who you are XD]

Nah~ I didn't translate it, I was given this treasure~! I simply askedforcedthat person to do it~ 8'D Hehe~



Aoi: Hai! Good evening~ it's Aoi from the Gazette~!! It’s rather sudden, but we are gathering [feedbacks?] for the Star Ranking for the GazettE. We are recruiting [gathering feedbacks] for the most spoilt[pampered] person within the members! Now without any delay. I would like to introduce some mails.

(Ruki being spoilt, and the aura of being loved is being ignored)etc.

Aoi: Due to overwhelming response, we have invited the shining magnificent no.1, Ruki-san! Hai!

Ruki: Hai good evening~ Eh, It's Ruki who can't make the housewifes all over the world quiet (Laughs)

Aoi: We have decided on this talk that is not stated in the script(Laughs) Eh~ Ruki-san.

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: Magnificent no.1!

Ruki: Isn't it (Laughs)

Aoi: Isn’t it?

Ruki: That’s what I think. When they are already gathering feedbacks, I already thought that it’s me. I’ve emptied my Schedule for this (Laughs)

Aoi: Really?

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: I see, ah~ But I was told that you were being forcibly called to attend this program. As expected of Ruki-san, he’s so busy, I was thinking that, “ He’s probably not a very free person unlike Aoi-san”, but you cleared your schedule!

Ruki: Yes. Well I’m pending [to be up on the program], so I had no choice but to empty my schedule.

Aoi: I see! As expected of such Ruki-san!

Ruki: I came over.

Aoi: Thank you very much, really. With such feelings, today I would like to bring everyone’s tension up.

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: Eh~ with that, today it’s the guy on Vocals who… eh~ what was it again? It’s Ruki-san that?

Ruki: Etoo…Who loves. (Laughs)

Aoi: Ah~ who loves (Laughs) Ruki-san who likes, or who loves all the housewives, I don’t really know it’s which. Ehh. Today we have invited Ruki-san on Vocals, and we would like to broadcast a HOLLY HOCK RADIO “Ruki’s Special” and with that, we have received special classwork [letters] for Ruki-sensei and Aoi-sensei!

Ruki: Yes!

Aoi: Eh~ I would like to start on it as soon as possible but. Eeh. Our Tour have also started, and DIM too.

Ruki: Hai, our Album.

Aoi: I would like to play a song within it, but Ruki-san, I would like you to speak frankly about your thoughts or episode[story] with regards to the song! I’d like you to link it to the mood of the song!

Ruki: I see! Eh, well during recording, when we were recording this song there’s this weird mood. It’s not the same during Lives! That’s what I feel. We do it once for each Live.

Aoi: Ooh, really?

Ruki: Don’t you think so?

Aoi: Ah! I’ve more or less thought about that.

Ruki: Unexpectedly it’s rather high-spirited. [during Lives]

Aoi: Hai hai hai.

Ruki: I feel it. However I would like to introduce this song! “A MOTH UNDER THE SKIN”.


: Hai~ this is HOLLY HOCK RADIO by Aoi and Ruki-san from the GazettE~ Now, we have invited the GazettE no.1 spoilt person in the Ranking, Ruki-san, to be here. For today, Aoi-san's program is a special with Rookies[Ruki xD]! With that we are currently gathering letters that everyone would like to know about Aoi-san and Mr Ruki. I would like to read this mails without delay. And following it, I would like to have a frank talk with Ruki-san.

Ruki: YES!

Aoi: With that, I look forward to be working with you.

"Do you have any fetish with regards to a female's parts or actions? What’s a condition for an ideal girl?"

Ruki: Firstly, the first part. Eh, Fetish is it~ I think it's definitely feet fetish (Laughs)

Aoi: Leg fetish!

Ruki: Uh,I don't really get interested in female's chest~

Aoi: Ah~

Ruki: When I’m told, “But I have small breasts”…

Aoi: Ah~

Ruki: I would say, “ But that doesn’t really matter to me”.

Aoi: Ho~

Ruki: I would say, “I don’t really look at breasts.” That’s why, I look at feet!

Aoi: Ah, you don’t look at breasts but feet instead.

Ruki: I look at feet. Feet.

Aoi: It’s feet fetish.

Ruki: It’s feet fetish.

Aoi: Ah~ I see.

Ruki: I’m not on Vocals but on Feet fetish.

Aoi: Ah~ I see. Ah~ let’s do this then (Laughs)

Ruki: (Laughs)

Aoi: For Aoi-san's case~ Well uh~ I don’t really look at breasts. But not feet too. I look at your inner side [personality]. I’m kinda sorry yeah! (Laughs)

Ruki: We are not talking about those kind of things (Laughs)

Aoi: I’m kinda sorry yeah (Laughs) Like, “I look at the inner you".

Ruki: For me, it's feet as compared to inner (Laughs)

Aoi: Aah! As expected of Ruki-san, how respectable, afterall (Laughs) As expected of a Emperor!! [LOL XD]

Ruki: Fufu (Laughs)

"I found Erotic magazines under the Futon! From then onwards I don't really get along well with my son! Can you give me some advices for that?"

Ruki: Ah~ it’s that. I understand that~

Aoi: Ah, you understand it?

Ruki: The first time I saw it... well was around elementary school.

Aoi: Elementary school is it!

Ruki: Hai. It's my brother's (Laughs) Isn’t that snarfing.

Aoi: He brought it back himself! He borrowed it himself isn’t it.

Ruki: Hai. Of course, he hid it under the bed yeah. (Laughs)

Aoi: Ah~ hai hai.

Ruki: he hid it under the bed. And when I returned from school, my mother was holding it in her hands.

Aoi: Ah~ I see.

Ruki: That magazine is not a normal erotic magazine.

Aoi: Ooh!

Ruki: It's more of...eh, a little S and M (Laughs)

Aoi: Ah~ that’s abnormal (Laughs)

Ruki: It was a abnormal feeling. Then, that got me.

Aoi: Like, “This brat here is doing this when he’s in elementary school”.

Ruki: The instance I saw my mother, I thought, “That’s going to hurt”.

Aoi: (Laughs)

Ruki: The problem is the reaction after that.

Aoi: Hai hai.

Ruki: When we were all together and eating, we didn’t talk. My parents didn’t look at me too.

Aoi: Ah~ I see.

Ruki: In the end I even had to take my own second helping [of food]. It lasted for around 1 week, it was really unpleasant.

Aoi: That’s unpleasant, afterall.

Ruki: You can’t help it. It’s like, you want to get angry but be angry about that.

Aoi: Afterall, after a certain age, males will start to read these kind of magazines.

Ruki: Isn’t that rather bad (Laughs)

Aoi: That right, that’s what I think. Afterall, you can also find this phase [of reading erotic magazines] in Aoi-san too~. I was told in the morning.,

Ruki: When you woke up?

Aoi: When I woke up, ate my breakfast and was preparing myself [for school]. My mom, was also preparing to go for work.

Ruki: Hai hai.

Aoi: She was facing the three-sided mirror, and applying her foundation. My mom, that is.

Ruki: Hai (Laughs)

Aoi: Uh~ I returned to my room, and left the Erotic magazine on Aoi-san’s desk. Well, then my mom told me over the mirror, “So how many times have you read these kind of things.”.

Ruki: Nfufu (Laughs) How many times (Laughs)

Aoi: I was told “If I see you doing that I’ll forbid you from doing things”. Even though I had no idea what was the thing.

Ruki: Ah~ I see.

Aoi: The instance when I was told that, I totally became speechless. And I was like, “Ah~ Ah~”.

Ruki: (Laughs)

Aoi: And I was like, "Mom, It's just early in the morning, don't say these kind of things!".

Ruki: Over the three-sided mirror (Laughs)

Aoi: She probably forgot about the three-sided mirror. Well, I wonder if my mom remembers it? Eeh~ (Laughs) That scene, I won’t forget it.

Ruki: That’s not good~ She didn’t look at you.* [I don’t get this part @_@”]

Aoi: You’re right. But well that’s sooner or later.

Ruki: Gradually that would happen, you’d also feel troubled if she saw it but pretended not to see it.

Aoi: You’re right, afterall. There’s nothing to be troubled about over this, it’s totally normal.

Ruki: Probably both of you got embarrassed.

Aoi: Yes yes yes. It’s really that! Hai, that’s why there’s no need to mind about that. Just progress forward with good feelings.

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: Hai hai hai. Eeto, well with such feelings we have proceeded until here…

Ruki: Hai hai.

Aoi: Ee, here is another one. I would like to play one of the songs from the gazettE’s new albums. For this, I would like Ruki-sensei to have an explanation[story, thought][ for us again.

Ruki: I see. This song is made by our Uruha-kun on Guitars. Oh! At first my impression of it was, “He is almost getting sick isn’t it? (Laughs) [I'm not very sure of the meaning of sick in this context xD]

Aoi: He's sick~ (Laughs)

Ruki: By all means, I would like everyone here to have a taste of the sickness.

Aoi: Hai.

Ruki: Then, please listen to it. “13STAIRS[-]1”.

~13STAIRS[-]1 plays~

Aoi: Hai, this is HOLLY HOCK RADIO brought to you by Aoi from the GazettE and eh~ Ruki-san from the GazettE.
Today I would like to receive special class work [letters] for Mr Ruki and Mr Aoi. Or rather, we have already received them.

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: Hai. Since we have gone to this extent, I would like to proceed on with the mails.

Ruki: Hai.

"For the GazettE's costumes, Ruki doesn't seem to reveal a lot. Please persuade Ruki-san to expose more of his skin! Like "The sunlight is weak"! Or "Your nipples are weak"!" [wtf?! XDD]

Ruki: Don't just say that to me. I know it too~

Aoi: Is it? But other members do reveal them isn’t it. [They’ve revealed] up to the arm.

Ruki: What is it~

Aoi: Well but it's true that Ruki-san's skin is rather white~

Ruki: It's white~ [LOL]

Aoi: Ha~ Hai hai.

Ruki: What is it~ Like half-sleeves is it?

Aoi: Eh?

Ruki: Like me wearing costumes like half-sleeves and such.

Aoi: N? No…

Ruki: I got it. Short trousers! Let’s make it short trousers[Ruki wearing short trousers].

Aoi: You mean short pants.

Ruki: Wearing this at this age~ Even though Uruha-kun does this too (Laughs) His legs, right? He’s been told to wear them frequently. [to reveal his thighs LOL] (Laughs)

Aoi: That’s right, Eeeh…

Ruki: Probably like, there’s a gap somewhere around it isn’t it.

Aoi: Ah~ Hai.

Ruki: Isn’t it, going to be like a little… that. Like, it would be a little tight on me.

Aoi: Ah~

Ruki: It’s true.

Aoi: But I think it's good for Ruki-kun to slip into these and go out[to the stage] like that too!

Ruki: I see. I’m alright with it if it’s convenient. Well when that time comes, unexpectedly I may consider to do that for the Final (Laughs) [*dies* are you serious Ruki?!]

Aoi: Ho~

Ruki: That is, if it's possible!

Aoi: “If it’s possible?” (Laughs)

Ruki: During times like that, like if I’m in a rush, then I’ll just wear it and then run all over like, “Wahhhh~”. [To show that he’s in a rush]

Aoi: (Laughs) Then I'll totally capture that [moment]. Eeh~

Ruki: If I ever do this once, it’ll be something so awesome.

Aoi: You’re right~ Well but during costume [making], it’s true that you can’t see Ruki-san anywhere.

Ruki: N~

Aoi: But well at the instance when we are changing, all the members will be together afterall.

Ruki: You’d see me then (Laughs)

Aoi: I’ll see you~ Then I'll say, "Oh? Ruki-chan those pants are nice!".

Ruki: (Laughs)

Aoi: “Where did you buy it from?”, we won’t say these kind of things.

Ruki: We won’t talk about such things. (Laughs) Because I will be like, “Why are you looking at me~!”.

Aoi: That’s right, Ano~ with such feelings, he’s being loved. There are times like this too.

Ruki: By the way my nipples aren't weak.

Aoi: Ah, I see. It's strong? (Laughs)

Ruki: My nipples are strong.

Aoi: Ah~ totally OK?

Ruki: It's totally OK!

Aoi: I see, even though I don’t know what we are talking about now (Laughs) but I think it links. [yeah.. non of us understood this part with nipples XDDD;;]

"I’m so busy that I have inspirations for song lyrics and stories. Please teach me what should I do so that I’m able to write song lyrics like Ruki."

Ruki: Isn’t it alright to just write about that Busy feeling you have experienced?

Aoi: To write about your own Busy feeling?

Ruki: Ah~ Like, why am I so busy and such. I’m this type of person.

Aoi: Ha~

Ruki: Because I'm rather busy or got a little irritated, I write all of them down.

Aoi: So you placed all of them…

Ruki: All of it is being expressed in the lyrics.

Aoi: So you expressed it in the lyrics.

Ruki: Well, aren't there various types of it, like… things that didn’t go well for you. Or when you watch news, or even about creating more time.

Aoi: That’s a good one you’ve said!

Ruki: Isn’t it.

Aoi: That’s a good thing you’ve mentioned. Time won't wait for people isn't it.

Ruki: Yup.

Aoi: It's the same as Love! (Laughs) [Bwahahaha! Still talking about love 8D]

Ruki: What’s with this program? (Laughs)

Aoi: This program is already, you know, affiliated with ○○ .(Unable to catch the conversation for this part)

"With regards to the length of a skirt, do you have the same view as Reita-san?
Are the 2 of you picky about normal clothings?"
[someone... tell me about Reirei's view for skirts? XD]

Ruki: Somehow, yes?

Aoi: Picky about fashion? About what?

Ruki: Girls’. Female’s fashion.

Aoi: Ah, yes yes the skirt. The length.

Ruki:The skirt… should be as long as the belt (Laughs) [ya know, meaning it’s so short that you don’t even need to wear a skirt anymore LOL]

Aoi: If that’s the case~ God would advent upon us. [*burst of laugh*]

Ruki: That would be totally equivalent to not wearing at all.

Aoi: That’s right.

Ruki: I see. For me,I think that it would be good if the skirt isn't short~

Aoi: The skirt?

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Like ankle-length?

Ruki: Somewhere around ankle-length.

Aoi: Seriously?

Ruki: Un. I don’t really reveal much, unexpectedly. In contrast even if it’s short, I’d prefer it if they wear leggings under their skirts though.

Aoi: Aah~

Ruki: Because I have a leg fetish (Laughs)

Aoi: That’s right~

Ruki: Un. I like the part starting from the leggings to the feet (Laughs)

Aoi: I see! Do you really like skirts in the first place?

Ruki: Un. Not really skirts…

Aoi: Are you pro-Pants or pro-Skirts? [meaning if he prefers girls wearing pants or skirts]

Ruki: I'm pro-Pants~ [w00t!!]

Aoi: Ah, I see.

Ruki: Because when you fold over the cuff of trousers like this… you see the feet!

Aoi: Aah~

Ruki: It overturns my imagination, then I’ll nosebleed. (Laughs) [8DDD]

Aoi: (Laughs)

Ruki: It’s good to have nosebleeds, fufu (Laughs)

Aoi: I see. Ruki-san, It's alright if you just let this be broadcasted over the Radio? (Laughs)

Ruki: But, I can’t help it for this~

Aoi: It can’t be helped.

Ruki: For this it’s kinda…

Aoi: yes yes.

Ruki: It’s like a opposite reaction..

Aoi: Ah~

Ruki: For someone like me who has a feet fetish (Laughs)

Aoi: (Laughs) Because Ruki-san has a feet fetish~

Ruki: That’s right~

Aoi: True enough, from the part where you fold the cuffs up, it’s quite nice.

Ruki: Isn’t it~ fufu.

Aoi: I see~. Aoi –san also likes it.

Ruki: Ooh!

Aoi: Well Aoi-san likes everything.

Ruki: Ah~ well. What?

Aoi: No no no. Well, not just the legs.

Ruki: All parts of the body…

Aoi: All parts of the body? I love them.

Ruki: I see.

Aoi: Like, "Ahh! You are some national treasure![he's comparing the girl to something very important, even though the comparison is.. XD]".

Ruki: National treasure! (Laughs)

Aoi: It’s something like that. Always. Are we picky about normal clothings?

Ruki: What about it. Is it about Females [fashion]?

Aoi: No no, it’s Ruki-san.

Ruki: Me?

Aoi: Ruki-san is always quite fashionable isn’t it.

Ruki: Rather than saying I’m picky… recently, I just wear it as I deem fit.

Aoi: I see. Like Sweat shirts? [*rofl*]

Ruki: Yes (Laughs)

Aoi: Probably during recordings Ruki-san wears sweat shirts the most.

Ruki: Yes,

Aoi: Such a rough Ruki-san is cool too. I’m looking up to you.

Ruki: the Sweat shirt?

Aoi: I think that Ruki-san in Sweat shirt is cool. Hai. With that, well we are coming to an end of the program.

Ruki: I see.

Aoi: One more, I would like to introduce one more song. Hai, so I’m leaving it to you again.

Ruki: Yes. This song is exhilarating, and somehow it fits Summer perfectly.

Aoi: It fits Summer perfectly!

Ruki: Please listen to it. “IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS”.


Aoi: This is HOLLY HOCK RADIO brought to you by the GazettE’s Aoi and eh~ Ruki-san. It’s about time we have to say goodbye.

Ruki: It’s quite fast~

Aoi: Isn’t it~

Ruki: 1 hour is already up…[<-- bwahaha XD]

Aoi: No no! It’s 30 minutes. Ruki-san, like please.

Ruki: Aah.

Aoi: Even though we've been consistently talking about feet fetishes and such, but it's been a fun day.

Ruki: It was fun.

Aoi: (bites on his own words here)~ rararai!
The Tour Final is at Saitama Super Arena!

Ruki: I'm looking forward to it~!

Aoi: And also a new song will be out in October~!

Ruki: It'll be out!

Aoi: With that, HOLLY HOCK RADIO Featuring Ruki!

Ruki: Hai!

Aoi: I would like to end it with this song.

Ruki: Hai, “Shiroki Yuu utsu”.

~Shiroki Yuu utsu plays~

Aoi: With that, your partner was the GazettE's Aoi and!

Ruki: On vocals, Ruki!

Aoi: Please listen to the radio next week again!

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: See you next week! Bi~bye!


Oh boy... My eyes 8OOOO *half blind*

Hm, yea, so that's it! XDD
I hope you enjoyed reading it! :DDD
It's 12 pages in my Microsoft Word file :OOO
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