December 15th, 2011

「ガゼット」葵 RED

Radio Jack "the GazettE"

Hulo! First of all, a huge thank you to ojou, who helped me out and checked all the mistakes I made or more like retranslated everything XDD;;
At any rate, here's an old[?] gazeboys' radio show, where the MC was Uruha! This was the last radio talk of their two-months-ongoing-show, so, I believe there are some kind of misunderstandings because guys refer a lot to the previous shows... D: And as there is no audio of the show, we cannot get the grasp in some parts, even if it sounded negative, that could've meant positive!
P.S. it's not Kai's/Reita's Radio Jack programmes--they started a little bit later the PSC radio was over. [If I'm correct, the first show was aired somewhere at 2006]. All PSC company's bands had their talk shows repeatedly.
Lastly, I should say... no reposting and enjoy reading! Into the awesomeness! 8D

Radio Jack "the GazettE"


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