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HHR o8.o8 feat.Ruki, part2

Eh... first of all... huge "thank you" to my Santa Qianni for helping me once again! ;;
I tried to translate this radio program myself but I epicly phailed 8DD ok ok, I didn't get longer sentences or super-duper-awesome slang words >..>
That's why I won't try doing this anymore. hohoho~

Anyways, forget that XD
Let's go to the second part of Holly Hock Radio!

But don't forget this.... NO REPOSTING!!! 
Because I have luck to find stuff translated to other languages without asking. I mean it, I make it simply by accident.



Hai! Good evening. It’s Aoi from “The GazettE” with…

Ruki: E~h, Ruki.

Aoi: Ye~s, it’s Ruki-san!

Ruki: Yep.

Aoi: Continuing from the last week–

Ruki: Good evening.

Aoi: Yes, this week, too. At such a day time, that’s good-evening’s time~

Ruki: Good eveninnng~

Aoi: Good evening. Yea. Ruki-san, good evening. The feet-fetish-Ruki-san, good evening. [haha! It reminds me of “Bond. James Bond” XDD]

Ruki: Hai!

Aoi: Yes, eh… With that, continuing in succession from the last week, today it’s “Rookies’ special” [Rookies = Ruki], even though, it’s Aoi-san’s radio.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: So, Ruki-sensei as Hiracchi. Aoi-sensei as Aniya. [“Rookies” characters; Ruki as Hiratsuka Taira, Aoi as Aniya Keiichi.]

Ruki: We won’t make an agreement about Hiracchi. (laughs)

Aoi: (laughs) But Hirachhi is good~

Ruki: He has a good style, though.

Aoi: Well, yes, Hiracchi is visual-like.

Ruki: Oi! There won’t be an agreement! (laughs)

Aoi: (laughs) Yes, eh~ I wonder if I should give special lessons.

Ruki: Ye~s.

Aoi: But before that, I think I’ll read one mail.

“About Aoi-san’s high tension.”

Ruki: Yes. Aoi-san’s tension is always high. Or rather… it’s during this radio, right?

Aoi: Only during this radio, right.

Ruki: Doubtless, that’s how it is. Well, but it’s from everyone’s foundation that tension is high, ne.

Aoi: Yea.

Ruki: Low tension does not exist.

Aoi: That’s so. Um um.

Ruki: So, what’s the reason of everyone being high? I want to enquire~

Aoi: Ah~ I’m glad. Even though, Ruki-san is in his high spirit, saying this kind of stuff. Eh~ Eh~

Ruki: That’s because of nature. (laughs)

Aoi: That’s because the GazettE’s motto is “if everyone’s tension is high, the place will be brighter”[work will be more enjoyable].

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Now, I’ll dispatch [another letter]. Eh~

Ruki: Hehe (laughs)

“I would like to be informed about Ruki-san’s weak points”

Aoi: Ruki-san’s weak points… As for Ruki-san’s weak points, there are plenty of them.

Ruki: Ye~s.

Aoi: Errr… hey!

Ruki: Wonder, which one [weak point] you will pan.

Aoi: Ye~a. Well, but… How to say this~. Well, in Ruki-san’s case there’s no need to hear those weak points, right?

Ruki: Indeed~

Aoi: Well Ruki-san is somewhat, like… how should I say it, isn’t Ruki-san adorable! Honestly. To the extent that you almost want to eat him up!

Ruki: I see!

Aoi: Eee… with that, for Ruki-san [there are] more weak points to hear, that idiot. [XDD]

Ruki: Fufufu~ (laughs)

Aoi: Idiot, that rascal! Aoi-san won’t stay quiet!!

Ruki: Mfufuhu (laughs)

Aoi: Somehow, that weak point won’t be told! That’s why I’m sorry! With such feeling today, let’s make it peaceful. Yep, that’s what I think.

Ruki: Yes, agree.

Aoi: Then well, this evening I want to experience [listen to] one tune, I believe.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: From “The GazettE”s new album, which was released on 15th of July, eh, I would like Ruki-san to give an explanation about the song.

Ruki: OK.

Aoi: Mhm.

Ruki: Well, that tune was the first to be recorded.

Aoi: That’s right.

Ruki: Eh. That song is from the very beginning [of the album] or rather to say, it became the “start” song. Please listen to “THE INVISIBLE WALL”.


Aoi: It’s Aoi from “The GazettE” and, eh, Ruki-sensei, Hiracchi-Ruki-sensei.

Ruki: Mfufu, hey! (laughs)

Aoi: Ahaha (laughs). Bringing to you HOLLY HOCK RADIO, hai, eh~

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Em… 7th of August was yesterday, right?

Ruki: Yepyep.

Aoi: E~h, it was Congress Center?

Ruki: Eh?

Aoi: It [here refers to “The Invisible Wall”] was also done at Nagoya.

Ruki: Um um.

Aoi: It was the coolest live, am I right? BUT! That evening Ruki-san was awesome!

Ruki: Well…

Aoi: I think there must be tons of fans who wanted to hug you for that.

Ruki: But my zipper[on the pants LOL] was kind of unzipped though…

Aoi: For real?! (laughs)

Ruki: Mfufu (laughs)

Aoi: That’s quite aggravating. Hai hai. Then, continuing with the last week, today we welcome Ruki-san on vocals. Eh, Hiracchi-Ruki-sensei and–

Ruki: Thank you very much (laughs) A live close-up (laughs)

Aoi: I think I’ll deliver special lesson from Aniya-Aoi-sensei.

Ruki: Ha~i.

Aoi: So, without a delay, let’s move [to the letter].

“What kind of female voices do you like?

Ruki: That’s for me? [the question] Well, I liked husky-ish woman voice back from older days.

Aoi: O~h, husky.

Ruki: Moshi moshi! (imitates husky-voice) Like this.

Aoi: That’s husky? (laughs)

Ruki: It’s something like a rough voice, to say. [like when you have a sore throat] Em, Sarina Suzuki, etc, does have husky-ish voice, doesn’t she?

Aoi: Ah…

Ruki: Is it? Husky-like voice.

Aoi: Continuing with that mail, ne? I like Kumi Koda’s husky-ish voice. [OMFG! NO!!! DDD8 I knew you won’t forget that so fast >>]

Ruki: Aa!

Aoi: Kumi Koda-san too.

Ruki: Huh? [She has] husky-voice?

Aoi: Yep, but. Isn’t it an awesome voice?

Ruki: That’s right. Um um. [LOL]

Aoi: It’s good too, ne, that singing voice.

Ruki: Yep.

Aoi: But, probably this applies not only to females, ne~

Ruki: Um.

Aoi: I mean, the voice Aoi-san likes the most.

Ruki: Ha~i.

Aoi: That’s possibly Haracchi-Ruki-san? [the voice he likes the most]

Ruki: Huh? (laughs) Hiracchi is caught.

Aoi: Mhaha (laughs)

Ruki: Hahaha (laughs)

Aoi: Ruki-san’s singing voice became rough, ne~

Ruki: I see.

Aoi: Somehow, there’s an impression that you play innocent in front of your own band.

Ruki: E~h. A little bit (laughs)

Aoi: After all, Ruki-san and Koda Kumi-san? Or Ruki-san? [Choosing which one is his fav voice]

Ruki: Ah, that’s the second variant,

Aoi: Fufu (laughs) Will this be ok?

Ruki: Ye~s.

Aoi: Yes.

“I forgot how it feels to be in love. What’s the best to do?”

Ruki: I see. Just now, when you first said “To be in love”, I misheard it for “Skin”…[To be in love = suki ; sounds similar to “Skin” LOL]

Aoi: Ooo… (laugh)

Ruki: So I was thinking, ”Ah—he/she shaved it[skin]?”

Aoi: Oh, I see.

Ruki: Mhm. [The sender] forgot how it feels to be in love.

Aoi: Yes.

Ruki: A real poet, ne?

Aoi: A real poet, ne.

Ruki: Forgot about such a feeling. By means, how old is the person?

Aoi: E~to. Eighteen years old, ee. Quite impatient. As for the age. And to write [the letter]…

Ruki: What did you say?!

Aoi: Oh!

Ruki: What did you say? That person is eighteen years old?

Aoi: Iya iya, 28 eight years old, ne. [loool XDDD Aoi, you moron head]

Ruki: M? 28 years old?!

Aoi: Yes.

Ruki: Yo~shi, do your best! (laughs)

Aoi: Mfufu (laughs)

Ruki: 28 years old.

Aoi: 28 years old.

Ruki: Ah, iya, that’s different. for 28 years old.

Aoi: Um.

Ruki: Soo~, it’s not over yet, right?

Aoi: Oh! It’s not over yet at such phase [=being at such age], ne. Um um.

Ruki: Hey –

Aoi: Hai.

Ruki: Definitely, if this person is talking about “being impatient”, he/she probably is referring to marriage right?

Aoi: Well well I believe he/she is referring to various aspects [of love].

Ruki: Un. Eh—I believe that everyone will meet this one person that you’ve not met yet [referring to your fated love or something like that]. Even if you don’t search for him/her desperately.

Aoi: I guess you’re right. I feel that for people to be searching for them [fated lover] desperately, they must be somehow like that [Idk what “that” refers to, maybe desperate? LOL]

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Well—Love is like, something that will be right next to you without you realizing it.

Ruki: Correct.

Aoi: Un Un. So what we are trying to say is—it’s not about you forgetting how to love, but it’s about how to be aware of it[that love is near you].

Ruki: That’s right.

Aoi: Probably Hiracchi-Ruki-sensei has much to say for the rival speech–

Ruki: Indeed.

Aoi: And as Aniya, should I take everyone along to Koshien?.. [Hanshin Koshien Stadium, where baseball is played]

Ruki: Oh!

Aoi: That was grateful words of Aoi-san.

Ruki: Hiracchi is entirely cool.

Aoi: (laughs) That’s inexcusable. (laughs)

“If “The GazettE” members had to do sports, which one would you choose? Who would have the match?”

Ruki: I would choose Blitzball. [a Final Fantasy mini game. LOL]

Aoi: Blitzball? What’s that?

Ruki: Eh, something like water polo?..

Aoi: Ah, you mean it’s played in water.

Ruki: Yes yes.

Aoi: E~

Ruki: There's a game like this, but what I'm saying now is a joke related to FF (Final Fantasy).

Aoi: Ah! You're right. That's what I was thinking... but from what Ruki-san has said, it's all related to the game. I'm totally feeling like a Chocobo right now (laughs)

Ruki: Hehehe (laughs) Please don't make fun of me.

Aoi: Ah.

Ruki: Rather than just telling you not to make fun of me, just think of me simply as a gamer [of final fantasy].

Aoi: Ehh- well, you see. I've never thought that Ruki-san would do that. You didn't do it right?

Ruki: I’ll do it next to Uruha. [lol xDD why Uruha?]

Aoi: Haha (laughs) Would love to see this.

Ruki: Eh. As I said. “Blitzball”, I saw it.

Aoi: Fufufu (laughs)

Ruki: I said I’ll do it.

Aoi: Aha. If that game exists, I want to see you playing it.

Ruki: That’s right. In water.

Aoi: Huh? While playing it, you can drown! For sure.

Ruki: Mfufu (laughs)

Aoi: Eh, but I can get tired too, that’s why I’m really sorry. So, to run away [from this awkward situation], I would like to move to a tune. Sorry, Ruki-san.

Ruki: As I feel the same, I want an introduction of the song.

Aoi: Eh, right. Bringing the explanation of the song, I would like to talk about the tune pretence.

Ruki: That song was in our single. [very informative, Ruki-san XD] Please imagine “The GazettE” hurriedly running away (laughs)
Eh, please listen. LEECH.

~LEECH plays~

Aoi: Iya, we used our running away, ne! Right now.

Ruki: We ran away~

Aoi: We got away, ne. Eh. With that, it’s Aoi-san and Hiracchi-Ruki-san from “The GazettE”.

Ruki: So adult-like (laughs)

Aoi: HOLLY HOCK RADIO, hai. Continuing with Aoi-sensei’s and Ruki-sensei’s special lesson. That corner is interesting, I believe.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: I want to say it faster. [=to read the letter]

“Ever since you are born, what type of girls have you liked?”

Ruki: Eh, then, lets start from me. Since senior high school, ok?

Aoi: Ok, senior high school.

Ruki: At my senior high school, it was at my senior high school, ne~ [having memory problems, Ruki-san? 8DD] Eh, I liked girls who wore shoes with loose socks on, ne.

Aoi: A! I see. Exactly from that era.

Ruki: That era, ne~

Aoi: Yeah.

Ruki: After loose socks, eh, it changed to navy blue knee-length socks, that’s how it was.

Aoi: Hai hai.

Ruki: Mmm…what else… but as compared to older girls, I preferred girls younger than me instead.

Aoi: Ah… Liking junior girls?

Ruki: Liked juniors.

Aoi: Oh—I see. Then, after you graduated from high school…

Ruki: After I graduated…

Aoi: There are no more loose socks (younger girls) around you…

Ruki: No more…

Aoi: After you grew up, as expected…

Ruki: You mean after the time when I thought “Loose socks[younger girls] were better”?

Aoi: Um.

Ruki: Eh, how should I put it? Basically I like Yankee[gangster] girls, eh—girls that are vulgar…

Aoi: Ah, I see.

Ruki: How to say, [that girls] can kick with their high heels, etc.

Aoi: Fufu (laughs) I see! You’re quite a splendid M-type, ne~

Ruki: You said M-type, but I’m a heavy M-type.

Aoi: Ah! Ruki-san was a heavy M-type!

Ruki: I am heavy M-type.

Aoi: Ah, I see. But for real, Ruki-san said he likes Yankee girls.

Ruki: I said that. But true Yankee–

Aoi: Real Yankee.

Ruki: There’s a thought [about them] “But they’re quite scary~”.

Aoi: Ah, well, surely.

Ruki: That’s good, ne.

Aoi: Ruki-san.

Ruki: Um.

Aoi: [What about] seniors?

Ruki: I thought they’d be good but… How would it be if I…

Aoi: Ah—I see. You know Aoi-san is kind of like this…

Ruki: Um.

Aoi: [I prefer girls] from 20 years old to 83 years old.

Ruki: Oh.

Aoi: A wide range.

Ruki: For real?

Aoi: Yes.

Ruki: As you said 83 [years old], that’s a lot.

Aoi: Yup. It’s totally like me challenging them.

Ruki: That’s awesome… such a [large] gap…

Aoi: Even though I’ve provided a large gap, but eh—for Aoi-san, it’s[the acceptable age] probably up till 20~21 years old! [lmao XD don't change it! I'll soon be 20 8DD]

Ruki: So narrow! (laughs)

Aoi: At that degree, I will probably look for a wife.

Ruki: Oh, hey! (laughs)

Aoi: That’s what I think (laughs) From Ruki-san’s story, Ruki-san [likes] loose socks. On top of that, he likes girls that is similar to the Yankee style.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: That’s how it is. One more [letter]!

“Things that you’re troubled with or regretted when deciding your future paths”

Ruki: I see, being troubled.

Aoi: Being troubled. We’re at the age of being troubled.

Ruki: Well… It’s good if you do things you want to do but that’s not easy in this world.

Aoi: That’s right.

Ruki: This is because while you do them, you don’t know if you’ve succeeded or not. It’s the same for everyone, it’s about having the luck as so we speak.

Aoi: To have the luck.

Ruki: To have the luck.

Aoi: Ne–

Ruki: For real. I think no one fully understands but it’s really beneficial. [to have the luck]

Aoi: It’s beneficial.

Ruki: For real, seems that no one will see it [the luck]. That’s because we steadily came till here.

Aoi: That’s right.

Ruki: Regrets… things that we’ve regretted, there were many of them—but well during those times we still fought desperately for them though…

Aoi: We did fight desperately for it, afterall we did put our efforts into them…

Ruki: That’s right. We didn’t feel uneasy after that. We didn’t have thoughts like, “Ah—it didn’t work out?”. Even though all the 6 of us did our best.

Aoi: Yup, we didn’t thought that it was unbelievable[that they failed].

Ruki: We didn’t think that was unbelievable. Instead we were more like, “Just you wait!”[expression of never giving up]. That’s why, as long as I’m doing something that I like, I wouldn’t have feelings of uneasiness till that extent isn’t it? As long as I can come to terms with it[the fact that not everything can succeed in one try]

Aoi: Yep. Like at this programme, too.

Ruki: Hai hai.

Aoi: Discussion about path [of life] is welcomed, but from here, [it’s important] to believe in yourself, ne, getting a grasp of surroundings, ne.

Ruki: That’s right.

Aoi: Do it with all your might.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: In such cases I say “I wish you all the best”.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Well then, that’s another song from “The GazettE”s new album “DIM”!

Ruki: Yes. Ee—to, this song isn’t really one meant to support you isn’t it? [referring to the lyrics]

Aoi: Oh, it isn’t?

Ruki: “The GazettE” OGRE.

~OGRE plays~

Aoi: With that, it’s Aoi-san from “The GazettE”, em, a young noble of attraction… That was me. [XDDD so full of yourself, Aoi-shi~] Somehow, Ruki-san–

Ruki: Oi (laughs)

Aoi: It’s HOLLY HOCK RADIO, which already came to its farewell part.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Impressions of Ruki-san.

Ruki: Ah, as I was asked for the first time to come here, I was skeptic but… Surprisingly, my tension went high.

Aoi: O~h.

Ruki: At first before we started, I said “I feel kind of dull right now, so it’s up to you”.

Aoi: You said that.

Ruki: But it’s all different! I am surprised.

Aoi: Ha~i. Somehow, Aoi-san too [is surprised], eh, doing this talk with Ruki-san, was one fun.

Ruki: Yes.

Aoi: Eh, I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks.

Ruki: Eh?

Aoi: I was over excited. [lmao XD so happy that Ruki will come to his radio]

Ruki: I see!

Aoi: You could see the heavy dark eye circles…

Ruki: Yes (laughs)

Aoi: With that, thank you very much for those two weeks.

Ruki: Yes, thank you very much.

(Message, etc)

Aoi: HOLLY HOCK RADIO with Aoi from “The Gazette” featuring Ruki.

Ruki: Hai.

Aoi: Eh, for the end, while you will listen to the song, we will say goodbye.

Ruki: Yes, then, please listen. “The GazettE” HEADACHE MAN.


Aoi: So, your companions were “The GazettE”s Aoi and–

Ruki: Hiracchi.

Aoi: Fufu (laughs) Till next week. Bi-bai!
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  • Radio Jack "the GazettE"

    Hulo! First of all, a huge thank you to ojou, who helped me out and checked all the mistakes I made or more like retranslated

  • Oh Joy!

    Now Now, my dear friends! Me has smth special for you! 8DDD But first of all, I want to say huuuuuuuuuuge "thank you!!!<3" for two…

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